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We are an award winning branding studio with logos in some of the top industry books and collections. Each branding team member has over 10 years of professional experience! While we have worked with fortune 500 brands, we love to make the small businesses look big. We professionally custom design each mark so you can proud of your logo and get behind your brand. All of logo packages come with easy to read instructions and over 30 logos to scale and use in ANY situation.

The logo is just the start as the branding possibilities are endless. We create full brand style guidelines, promotional material, patterns, textures, illustrations, and more.

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TriLion Branding Studio

We’re honored to have our logos recognized by the design community and featured in various industry collections:
Logo Lounge 2, Logo Lounge 3, Logo Lounge 4, Logo Lounge 6, Logo Lounge 9, Logo Lounge 11, Logo Lounge 12, Logo Lounge 13, LogoLounge Master Library Volume 1, LogoLounge Master Library Volume 3, LogoLounge Master Library Volume 4, I heart logos honor mention.

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We have been designing for over two decades and have found our step-by-step approach gives the best results for our clients. We have simple staged processes, which gives our clients ease-of-mind while they leave the project in our hands.


discovery & sketches

Starlightforge logo design process

We start with a comprehensive brand guidelines questionnaire that helps you as a company figure out how you want to be perceived by your clients. It’s a fun, fairly quick exercise we use to make sure your voice carries over into your branding. After we receive your questionnaire and initial payment, we dig into what you’re saying about your business. We soak it in, and then our gears start turning. This is the part where we get our hands dirty with charcoal and graphite, filling up sketchbook pages while drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.

Our team then meets to discuss ideas for making your custom mark unique, simple and timeless. How you are perceived as a business is important, and we want you to be proud of your logo.


honing & choices

After we hone our sketches and concepts that will work well for your business, we scan and bring them to life on the computer. We focus on simplicity and alignment, using professional models and systems we have perfected over the last 20 years. After another internal review to make sure your logo is hitting the mark, we put together a private, online page for you to view and choose your logo. These pages include the potential color scheme we have worked on, as well as showing the initial logo in black and white, full color and reversed on a dark background. This gives you a quick idea of how the logo might work in different situations.


hi-fidelity & visuals

Logo Design by TriLion Studios in Kansas City Metro
We want you to be extremely happy with your logo. Throughout our process we will communicate directly with you, and we try to make it fun and exciting. We will do what it takes to work with you, to ensure your logo meets both our criteria for a strong logo and works well for your organization. Once the final payment is received, TriLion Studios then double checks and releases the high-resolution master vector file and all design rights to you. You are free to trademark it and make it fully yours at that time. TriLion Studios will also send you a digital packet with all the file formats you need to start using your new logo!

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