who we are

TriLion Studios is a user interface and experience design company based in Lawrence, Kansas on the edge of Kansas City. The corporation was started in 2000 as a contract design business to advertising agencies. The name was changed to TriLion Studios in 2009 as the studio’s team grew and our company added services.

Our projects usually have only 3-5 team members working on a project at the same time. We like to keep the teams small so communication is fast, easy, and efficient. We are extremely excited to be celebrating 13 years of design service this year!

13 years

and running

Brian White Owner of TriLion Studios

Brian White

Founder / Creative Director

Brian directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer on most client projects. Brian has over 20 years of experience in design and communication arts. Enthralled by branding via user experience, color, layout, pattern and typography, Brian devotes his time to applying this outlook to clients and business. With an abundance of national branding industry experience, Brian has developed a strong foundation in interactive brand strategy. Brian lives with his wife and three kids in Lawrence, Kansas.

David Rahija

Back End Developer / Tech Lead

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what David does—but from what we can tell he has PHP, and WordPress magic up his sleeve. Need a new plugin? No problem. Need a MySQL fix? Sure thing. Repositioning a satellite to spy? I guess you could say he’s our James Bond of code.

Kyle Rumble

Lead Front-End Developer

A long standing pro, Kyle is always ready to take on any custom website we can throw at him. His knowledge of WordPress and plug-ins is amazing. He’s detail-oriented, checking every component of a site to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Kyle is down to earth and funny to boot.

Diane Gibbs

Lead Web Designer / WordPress Designer

Diane is our cheerleader. A real encourager and kindred spirit. She is helpful in all aspects of the business but really shines in web design and WordPress design. Her extensive design knowledge is shown throughout projects through her creative writing, user experience, and brand cohesiveness. This makes her a favorite with the clients and helps our projects go smoothly.


Designer / Front-End Development / Illustrator

Will hails from New Jersey, whom we met at the Creative South design conference. His timing is on point, as is his design and illustration. He is thoughtful and considerate, and has an approachable spirit. He is helping us out with illustration, layout, and front-end development.

Jason Wickersheim

Lead Motion / Video & Animation

Jason is our motion rock. He has been working with us for over 10 years. We finish each others sentences. His impressive video knowledge helps drive all the technical needs and implementations. His animation and 3d work helps put our projects on another level.

Shanxi - SEO for TriLion Studios in Kansas City Metro Web Design Logo design


SEO / Analytics / ROI expert

Shanxi (Pronounced ‘Shan’t-See’) is TriLion’s resident SEO (search engine optimization) expert. Her expertise is building strong foundations for comprehensive SEO & PPC inbound marketing. Her tool kit includes on-site optimization strategies and link building, and she works hard to enhance your online presence and brand reputation. She produces our reports for businesses using our Analytics, Ad words, and ROI packages.

TriLion Studios

Maria Black


Maria has a calm attitude that says “I’ll get it done”. She is a great designer with a flair for infographics, layout, and integrating guidelines into anything put in front of her. Her knowledge of vector, branding, and patterns is extensive. We are happy to have her on the team this year.

Susan Young / Amy Blaufelder

Books / Accounting

Susan and Amy have been referred to as the oil that keeps the machine running. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, financials and payroll are just a few things they does around here.

the rest of the pack

We work with a group of designers, developers, and writers to finish the job. Some step up for a single project while others keep coming back for more. As TriLion grows, more of these contractors will become official members of the pack.

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